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Our company is profiled in both Beef and Lamb , and in also the trade directory of NZWTA who supply wool testing certificates, personally we supply wool certification from SGS. You can find more about us on New Zealand business directories like Finda and also international business to business site Alibaba.

Wool information can be read at Wool News, and a market report from John Marshall and Co. We use the National Banks' up to date graphs of the NZD/USD exchange rate. Rural News has good farming information and news, and the NZ Herald has a RSS Feed.

If you are interested in reducing your dagging try reading this article on a life without dags and contact SIL for practical advice on how to improve your stock.

We have large quantities of organic sheep manure available on both on Sella and Trademe for sale.

Forklift with Bale Clamps Sheep Manure Pellets